Do you have an idea for a business—or know a family member or friend who does—but don't know where to start? Thanks to high-speed Internet, game-changing technology, and innovative new platforms, you can go from idea to marketplace on a shoestring budget-and join the growing movement of successful Makers who've built their businesses from the ground up.

In “How We Make Stuff Now,” Jules Pieri—Co-founder & CEO of The Grommet, a product launch platform that helps innovative products reach a community of millions—guides you through every step of the consumer product creation process.

Learn how to:

  • Develop an idea with vision and heart

  • Tap into established sources of expertise

  • Formulate and refine your business plan

  • Design a product from prototype to perfection

  • Find the funds you need to launch your business

  • Explore innovative packaging, manufacturing, and distribution options

  • Market your product via social media and online sites

  • Manage your finances and inventory to maximize profits

  • Expand your business and grow into the global marketplace

You'll find fascinating case studies of successful startups-and discover how the smartest entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, solve challenges, and rise above the competition to deliver innovative products that consumers can't resist. It's all here in one easy-to-use action plan.

Whether you're a self-starting newcomer to the world of e-commerce, a member of the Maker Movement, or an experienced entrepreneur, the first crucial step in your journey to turning little ideas into big businesses is learning “How We Make Stuff Now.”

Praise for “How We Make Stuff Now”

If you’re a Maker who wants to build a business, look no further than the priceless advice that Jules and hundreds of companies have shared here.
— Meg Whitman, CEO of Quibi, former CEO of eBay, and author of "The Power of Many"
Generous, hard-won lessons and case studies for anyone who’s hoping to launch a product that makes things better.
— Seth Godin, author of "This Is Marketing," "Purple Cow," "Tribes"
My professional life has been devoted to what I call ‘the making of things.’ Up until now, we Makers have been on our own—figuring it all out one day at a time, every day. Now, finally, we have our user’s manual, our twenty-first­ century handbook to leading a life driven by following the compulsion to do good work, to make cool things. Buy this, read this, underline key passages, turn down pages. Buy a second copy and give it away to someone who’s always dreamed of creating.
— George Gendron, editor-in-chief of Inc.magazine, creator of the Inc. 500, and cofounder of The Solo Project
‘How We Make Stuff Now’ is pragmatic truth. A digestible read that will fan the flame of entrepreneurial passion while anchoring the Maker mind in down-to-earth counsel.
— John Venhuizen, President and CEO of Ace Hardware
This is the Maker Bible for starting your business. Read it. Reread it. Dog-ear it, take notes, mark it up.
— Chad Laurens, founder and CEO of SimpliSafe
A must-read for anyone who loves gadgets and the world of invention.
— Steve Greenberg, monthly contributor to The Today Show and author of "Gadget Nation"
Maker: Here’s your step-by-step guide to design, manufacturing, marketing, fundraising, and everything else you’ll need to do to turn your dream into a business. ‘How We Make Stuff Now’ is packed with practical advice and inspirational case studies.
— Tom Eisenmann, Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School
There is no one better than Jules Pieri, who has shepherded thousands of consumer products through the keyhole for mass adoption, to write a very practical guide for the dreamers among us, who have an idea for a product and the passion to see it through.
— Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar and author of "Peers Inc"
Building hardware products is hard for every company—as evidenced by the countless delayed and failed product launches. With this book and her company, The Grommet, Jules has achieved an ambitious mission to help industry outsiders build both viable products and vibrant businesses.
— Hardi Meybaum, founder of GrabCAD, general partner at Matrix Partners, and author of "The Art of Product Design"
This book breaks down what a Maker needs to know into digestible, practical, bite-size gems. ‘How We Make Stuff Now’ is a great how-to guide to support owners on their journey, whether they are just getting started or well on their way!
— Trynka Shineman, CEO of Vistaprint
Jules’s commitment and experience are an inspiration and her book is a gift to founders. It’s a complete playbook chock-full of tangible, experience-driven insights and advice. Armed with this wisdom and guidance, I predict a whole new class of successful Makers and founders will emerge.
— Kirsten Green, founder of Forerunner Ventures
Starting a Maker business is hard. The odds are against you. This book literally changes those odds by giving you a road map. I wish I had this when I started my business!
— Gail Goodman, cofounder and former CEO of Constant Contact
As an investor in many of the products The Grommet has helped launched—including Fitbit, Molekule, littleBits, Trackr, and Sphero—I know firsthand the joys of building these exciting and challenging companies. ‘How We Make Stuff Now’ reflects the deep insights Jules Pieri acquired through helping over 3,000 companies.
— Brad Feld, founder of Foundry Ventures
As someone who’s worked with small businesses for decades, I know how hard it can be not just to come up with a great product but to find, serve, and keep customers. A product isn’t a business—no matter how great that product is. Few people know this as well as Jules Pieri. Jules is genuinely passionate about helping independent Makers succeed and is uniquely knowledgeable. In this book, she provides case studies, critical advice, and inspirational stories about Makers who’ve made it—all based on her years of expertise as cofounder of The Grommet. Jules shows you how to bring your innovative idea to market and create a sustainable business.
— Rhonda Abrams, small business columnist at USA Today and author of "Successful Business Plan"
This fascinating book by the cofounder and CEO of the pioneering online platform for Makers, The Grommet, is packed with a rich range of invaluable how-to knowledge for the growing community of Maker-entrepreneurs to take their innovative ideas and products to market success. Pieri combines keen observations on Maker culture and its potential business opportunities and challenges. It is essential reading for entrepreneurs, product developers, designers, and business and design students.
— Gunalan Nadarajan, dean of Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan
STOP, DROP, and ROLL: Every kid knows this is what you do when you find yourself on fire. If you want to start a product business (a Maker business), STOP what you are doing, DROP into a chair, and ROLL through this book. Read it today and it will save you months of pain and suffering.
— Mark Hatch, CEO of Maker Partners and author of "The Maker Movement Manifesto"
In writing a Grommet case study, I was struck by the many layers of value the company creates. This book is yet another worthy embodiment of their contributions to our economy.
— Lynda Applegate, Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration Emerita at Harvard Business School