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Jules was interview by WGBH’s Callie Crossley for “Under the Radar,” along with and SimpliSafe’s Co-founder & CEO, Chad Laurans, for the segment “Navigating The Road From Idea To Business.”

WBUR: Boston Innovation in Consumer Products

Callum Borchers of WBUR interviewed Jules for “Boston Innovation in Consumer Products,” along with the Makers behind KettlePizza, Smart Girls Jewelry, and Quell at WBUR’s CitySpace venue.

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Inc: “Trying to Make Your Product a Hit? Don't Sell It on Amazon”

Jules Pieri, co-founder of The Grommet, explains how startup manufacturers can beat the odds with a hit.

Read the full article here.

FOX Business: “Helping entrepreneurs get their products to the market”

The Grommet CEO Jules Pieri on how the company helps entrepreneurs get their products to the market.

See the full video here.

Yahoo Finance: “How The Grommet Helps Small Businesses Compete With Amazon”

Jules Pieri, CEO of The Grommet and Author of 'How We Make Stuff Now' joined The Final Round to discuss how her company is helping small businesses. See the full video here.

Marketplace Morning Report: When even a paid staycation is out of the question

By David Brancaccio

As the Trump administration preps for talks with Democrats on the country's crumbling infrastructure, we take a look at why public-private partnerships get complicated. A new survey suggest over a third of the people who can get paid vacation will choose or feel forced to leave half of it on the table this year. Plus, what happens when makers of specialty products just stop making? Listen to the full report here.

The Cashflow Academy: How To Be An Entrepreneur (Episode 69)

Successful entrepreneurs master a set of skills. Jules Pieri joins Andy and shares her hard-earned wisdom from her entrepreneurial journey. This is a must-listen episode for anyone thinking about quitting their job and starting a business. Listen to the Podcast here.

HOME BUSINESS MAGAZINE: “So You Want to Be On Shark Tank”

By Jules Pieri

Viewers often believe they learn what it takes to get a product off the ground by watching Shark Tank. Do you have what it takes? Read Jules’ article.

Startup Nation: Where Do Great Ideas Come From? Examining the Design Thinking Behind Fitbit

By Jules Pieri

The following is excerpted from “How We Make Stuff Now: Turn Ideas into Products That Build Successful Businesses“ by Jules Pieri, p. 13-17 (McGraw-Hill Education April 23, 2019). Read the excerpt.

Duct Tape Marketing: How to Turn Your Product Idea Into a Business

By John Jantsch

Today’s podcast guest is Jules Pieri. She is the founder and CEO of The Grommet and the author of the book How We Make Stuff Now: Turn Ideas Into Products That Build Successful Businesses. Listen to the full interview or read the full transcript here.

QUORA Q&A session with Jules Pieri

Read the full session here.

Thrive Global: How Creativity Can Help You Find Your Passion

By Jules Pieri

Solving a problem in a fresh way or creating an interesting business model does not require domain expertise. It requires tenacity, passion, and energy. Read the full article here.

Trend Following Apple Podcast: Ep. 757: Jules Pieri Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

By Michael Covel

In this episode of Trend Following Radio: Inventing, Patents & Trademarks, Innovation, Amazon and counterfeit products, and New product launches. Listen to the full podcast here.

800 CEO Reads: Book Giveaway: How We Make Stuff Now: Turn Ideas Into Products That Build Successful Businesses

This week's book giveaway is a "step-by-step DIY guide that shows today’s entrepreneurs how to create and launch new products, package and market them to consumers, and build a thriving business." That sounds like a lot to take on for one book, but consider the track record of the book's author, Jules Pieri—cofounder and CEO of The Grommet, a site that has launched more than 3,000 consumer products since 2008—and I think you'll be convinced it's within her grasp. Enter to win a free copy of How We Make Stuff Now here.


By Marty Wolff

So much to learn from this interview with Jules Pieri! Some questions we asked were ” why has the “Maker” movement gained so much traction? What are a couple of challenges you see all the time with small business startups when trying to get their product into the market? Why should a startup business be careful about rushing in to sell their product on Amazon? Basis of our discussion is Jules’s book, How We Make Stuff Now: Turn Ideas Into Products That Build Successful Businesses.” Listen to the full interview here.

Startup Nation: Start with a Purpose: Jules Pieri on Building Great Consumer Product Companies

By Susan Johnston Taylor

Industrial-designer-turned-entrepreneur Jules Pieri co-founded product launch platform, The Grommet, in 2008. Over the past 11 years, Grommet has helped launch thousands of consumer products, including now-famous brands like SodaStream, FitBit and GoldieBlox. Read the interview.

McGraw-Hill +BusinessBlog: “How To Turn An Idea Into A Successful Business”

In “How We Make Stuff Now,” Jules Pieri―cofounder and CEO of The Grommet, a product launch platform that helps innovative products reach a community of millions―guides you through every step of the consumer product creation process. Read Jules’ blog post.