Resources by Chapter

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Chapter 1: A brief history of consumer products

  • Maker Movement - A technology-based extension of the DIY movement that intersects with hacker culture and revels in the creation of new devices as well as tinkering with existing ones

  • IndieGogo - Find, fund, and shop the next big thing

  • Kickstarter - Crowdfunding platform that helps bring creative projects to life

  • Etsy - Online boutique retailer of handmade, vintage, or customized gifts.

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Chapter 2: Where do great ideas come from?

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Chapter 3: educating the new entrepreneur

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Chapter 4: Tapping established expertise Sources

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Chapter 5: market research

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Chapter 6: design and documentation

  • Analogue Studio - Workspace designers

  • Behance - Website for designers to showcase their work

  • 99 Designs - Platform for connecting designers with clients

  • Guru - Platform for connecting freelancers with clients

  • Zurb - Creating unique customer and user experiences

  • Upwork - Platform for connecting freelancers with clients

  • Continuum - IT Management, BDR and RMM Software Built for MSPs

  • Autodesk - 3D Design, Engineering & Entertainment Software

  • National Instruments - Equips engineers and scientists with top of the line systems

  • Sketchup - 3D Design Software | 3D Modeling on the Web

  • Rhinoceros - 3D design software

  • Tinkercad - Create 3D digital designs with online CAD

  • Balsamiq - Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software

  • OmniGraffle - Illustration software

  • Invision - UX digital design platform

  • Axure - Prototypes, Specifications, and Diagrams in One Program

  • eyn

  • GIR

  • Yoga by Numbers

  • Love Pop

  • Ideo's Method Cards - Cards to stimulate ideas

  • OnShape - Platform that unites CAD, data management, collaboration tools and real-time analytics

  • Looka - AI-driven brand creation software

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Chapter 7: intellectual property

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Chapter 8: Prototyping

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Chapter 9: industry Access and exposure

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Chapter 10: funding

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Chapter 11: manufacturing

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Chapter 12: packaging

Chapter 13: Marketing

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Chapter 14: retail distribution

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Chapter 19: financial management

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Chapter 21: growing into the future

  • Oxygen - Multiplatform crime destination brand for women